The Harper Record: The Time for Change Has Come

In the 2015 federal election, millions of Canadians will make well-considered, thoughtful, independent decisions about the leadership and the government they want – both for themselves as individuals and families, and in a larger way for their country. Canadians United for Change deeply respects this vital decision-making process and seeks to provide fact-based information and analysis that supports and enables it.

The position and perspective of Canadians United for Change, derived through our own independent research, analysis and consideration of the choices and options facing Canadians, is clear and unequivocal, and we state it up front: 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada do not represent the best interests of Canada and Canadians, and should not be supported by voters in the 2015 election.

Like many people and organizations in our country, Canadians United for Change has had an open mind toward Stephen Harper and the Conservatives since they were first elected in 2006. Whether or not we supported them by voting for them, we watched, waited and hoped for the Harper government to act for the common good, embrace and embody Canadian values, earn our trust, and better the country. After nearly a decade with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister and the Conservatives in power in Ottawa, we have been fundamentally and consistently disappointed. Our conclusion is that, as our name proclaims, the time for change has come.

As an organization, our aim is to foster a sense of unity and community among Canadians who share our belief that a change in government is key to Canada’s way forward in 2015 and the years ahead. Through this website, we undertake to share the fact-based information and analysis we believe provides the most compelling basis for not supporting Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada in the October 19, 2015 federal election.

The reasons for sharing the conviction that change is needed in Canada in 2015 vary widely among individual Canadians. We find that the unifying theme is a growing sense of unease and distrust of Stephen Harper and his Conservative colleagues. Across the country, individual Canadians are concerned that what may once have been a commitment to improve the country has now changed into a single-minded pursuit of staying in power; that Stephen Harper and his Conservative colleagues have lost touch with the cherished Canadian values of honesty and integrity; that their understanding and interest in the well-being of Canadians and their families has fallen by the wayside.

If you are an individual Canadian coming to these conclusions, Canadians United for Change wants you to know that your views are legitimate and valid, and shared by many others – that you are not isolated or alone in your concerns and your desire for change. We want to encourage Canadians like you that your desire for better leadership and better government is positive, realistic and achievable – that a brighter future for Canada can be made to happen, and it can start with a new Prime Minister and a new government.

Importantly, Canadians United for Change does not advocate for any specific party as an alternative to the Harper Conservatives. Instead, we urge Canadians who want change to independently and critically evaluate the non-Harper leadership options for Prime Minister, the non-Conservative political party options for the governing party, and the options for local representation offered by the candidates in their ridings, and make the choices that are right for them. To increase the likelihood of changing the government, we openly encourage “strategic voting” – identifying the local candidate with the best chance of defeating the Conservative candidate in the riding, and supporting that candidate regardless of his or her party affiliation.

Canadians United for Change is one voice of many calling for change in 2015. We hope our efforts help Canadians make informed choices that bring about the change we know Canadians want. We welcome the interest, participation and support of individual Canadians who want to take part in our initiative.


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  • commented 2016-03-10 07:27:02 -0500
    I found this very interesting text, but I agree with the comment of Bob because WHAT talking about is encouraging vote
  • commented 2015-10-09 23:06:00 -0400
    “Act for the common good.embrace and embody Canadian values. Earn our trust and better the Country.

    Sorry but these 4 ideals are reasons for me to have serious question for your aims and objectives as an organization.

    You are not telling people how to vote, but you are telling them how not to vote. This does not represent the common good neither does it embrace or embody Canadian values. It is my feeling that you are not bettering the country and you certainly do not earn my trust in your organization.

    Bob Metzger
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