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CUC press release on our campaign to oppose the TPP

Campaign Launched to Oppose Secret Trade Deal Ahead of Summit

Canada NewsWire - Jun 28 08:00 EDT

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OTTAWA, June 28, 2016 /CNW/ - Canadians United for Change (CUC) has launched a new digital advertising campaign to highlight serious problems in the secretly negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), ahead of the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa this week.

The group, which formed last year to help oust the Conservative government in the Federal Election, began advertising this week in opposition to what it describes as "a secret deal negotiated by Stephen Harper that could cost Canada approximately 58,000 jobs."

The campaign's webpage and petition calls on the new Liberal government to take the lead "by creating jobs and rejecting, once and for all, the discredited policies of the Stephen Harper years."

The secret trade agreement, which can't be amended by Parliament, contains multiple secret side-agreements that are only now coming to light.

According to the terms of one secret side-agreement, foreign companies will be able to bid on significant procurement projects in Canada. These same foreign companies will be able to import their own less trained and cheaper workers. That means foreign companies could bid on a Canadian project, and bring in a workforce that is nearly 100% foreign, denying work to better qualified Canadians.

Labour unions and other Canadians have opposed the secret deal because TPP kills Canadian jobs and skews benefits to large corporate interests, while leaving workers to bear the brunt of the pact's shortcomings, including lost jobs, lower wages and continued repression of worker rights.

The TPP is certain to be on the agenda when the "Three Amigos" meet this week. The ad campaign will run in Ottawa through the week before expanding into other Canadian media markets.

Oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership

This week will the Presidents of Mexico and the United States meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canadians United for Change will launch our campaign to oppose the agreement

Harper Goes Down Under

Down Under (in more ways than one):  Stephen Harper & the Conservative have gone down under in the polls and, then, to try and come back, they've hired a political consultant from Australia to tell Canada why we don’t need a change in Parliament. 

Harper has a proven record of speaking Australian to the people of Canada.  Remember when he delivered a speech in Parliament, in 2003, that was plagiarized almost word-for-word from Australian Prime Minister John Howard?  What’s next?

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The Harper Record: The Time for Change Has Come

In the 2015 federal election, millions of Canadians will make well-considered, thoughtful, independent decisions about the leadership and the government they want – both for themselves as individuals and families, and in a larger way for their country. Canadians United for Change deeply respects this vital decision-making process and seeks to provide fact-based information and analysis that supports and enables it.

The position and perspective of Canadians United for Change, derived through our own independent research, analysis and consideration of the choices and options facing Canadians, is clear and unequivocal, and we state it up front: 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada do not represent the best interests of Canada and Canadians, and should not be supported by voters in the 2015 election.

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Stephen Harper denies Canada has slipped into recession in 2015, and refuses to take steps to protect Canadians.
failed to help Canada recover from the 2008 recession – and offers no plan for rebuilding after this one.

Canadians recognize that recessions are inevitable. In a globalized economy, few Canadians question that our country’s economy is affected by big-picture patterns, trends and developments we can’t control.

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Stephen Harper claims he’s best at managing the economy, but he’s actually delivered the lowest rate of economic growth of any Prime Minister in the past 60 years.

Stephen Harper claims Canada’s economy is “the envy of the entire world” and tells us that for 2015 and beyond, the forecasts “are very good.” For a decade, he’s touted himself and his party as the best choice to manage Canada’s economy. Many Canadians have believed him, and supported the Conservatives for that reason in three straight elections.

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felon-disenfranchisement.pngWhen he called this election on August 2, 40 days earlier than he needed to, Stephen Harper launched Canadians on the longest and most expensive federal election campaign in our modern history.

The Prime Minister who promised to clean up our electoral system has given us a 2015 election campaign that will cost Canadian taxpayers $125 million more than it has to, allow his Conservative party to spend $54.5 million to overwhelm and out-spend their opponents, muzzle independent third-party voices by capping their advertising spending during the campaign period, and impose new rules that are poised to prevent tens of thousands of eligible Canadian voters from casting ballots.

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As Canadians United for Change listens to voters in the 2015 election campaign, we’ve found that the Senate expenses scandal focused on Senator Mike Duffy is a tipping point for many.

People who have never supported Stephen Harper and the Conservatives say it confirms their suspicions and fears about why the Prime Minister is so secretive and controlling – that he has something to hide.

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Respect. Honour. Fairness. Openness. These are the hallmarks of how Canadians treat one another. But to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, these are increasingly distant and meaningless concepts.

In its recent years in power, the Harper government has undertaken to divide and marginalize Canadians like no government before, pitting groups against one another to fight for decreasing public resources, using legal and legislative means to suppress and silence legitimate voices of criticism, and punishing people and organizations who challenge its top-down, us-against-them, archaic view of the world.

This is not the Canadian way.

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