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Thank you for your interest in Canadians United for Change (CUC) and our mission to promote economic development and elect officials committed to creating jobs for hardworking Canadians.

We are united for change because Canadians need a stronger economy, one that brings growth and opportunities to all Canadians and to all regions of our great country.

The British economist John Maynard Keynes was right: “Canada is a place of infinite promise.” In order to realize that promise, Canadians must come together to promote policy and leadership change in this year’s Federal election that will be held on Monday, October 19, 2015.

Our website will provide updates and analysis on economic development, job creation, energy, the environment and, of course, political and electoral news.  We encourage you to access these updates often and to “friend” us on Facebook.

In July 2015, Canadians United for Change launched a national program to change the driving economic policies of our country. As we look towards the 150th anniversary of our great country, CUC seeks to unite Canadians in demanding greater accountability, vision and progress from our elected leaders.

CUC believes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to advance a special-interest agenda at the expense of everyday, hardworking Canadians. Stephen Harper has sought to rip apart the fabric that makes Canada unique, pitting Canadians against Canadians, just to win re-election.  This type of cynical politics harms our economy and, frankly, brings the very worst of American-type politics to Canada.  As a nation, we can and should do better.

CUC plans for future legislative advocacy at both the national and provincial levels. Encouraging broad-based economic development across Canada is at the heart of CUC’s purpose.  The public policy, research, education, and communications work that we conduct supports the larger mission of the CUC.

Thank you, again, for your interest in Canadians United for Change and our program of electing new leaders committed to economic development and job creation that benefit all Canadian working families!

For more information or to contact CUC, please email info@canadiansunitedforchange.ca or write Canadians United for Change, Suite 461, 207 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2N2

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